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The number that is posted below for Work Out World Corporate office is only for the MA, RI AND NHLOCATIONS 781-785-0160. The other locations in New Jersey are seperatly owned and There should be a number if you search New Jersey corporate office.

781-785-0160 Only for Work Out World MA RI NH

781-785-0160 Only for Work Out World MA RI NH

781-785-0160 Only for Work Out World MA RI NH

781-785-0160 Only for Work Out World MA RI NH

781-785-0160 Only for Work Out World MA RI NH

781-785-0160 Only for Work Out World MA RI NH

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just spoke with the 888-827-9262 to cancel. so easy.

they guys in the gym give all kinds of reasons you cant cancel. its all lies. all you have to do is call this number.

i spoke to a girl named jenny and she gave me my account number and an e-mail to send my request for cancellation. the e-maail is customercare@abcfinancial.com

good luck.

Johnston, Rhode Island, United States #1123343

Does anyone know the Email address to send the cancelation letter to? They sure do make us run through hoops to cancel. I try calling the provided number but only get voice mail.

to PleaseHelp #1123370


New Bedford, Massachusetts, United States #960228

since the new manager at the New Bedford location has been there, the club hasn't looked better! His staff is amazing and he truly understands his members needs...He's awesome!

:) on the other hand the fall river gym with that female manager sucks! She's really rude and ignorant! Her club is an absolute mess! She's a horrible person!

I can't explain enough how disgusting she treats everyone...

I've been a member since 2005 and I will never step foot at the fall river location ever again!

Brockton, Massachusetts, United States #951111

Yes I posted this up on their fb wall also! Company need to hired woman that don't be acting like hoes with married men like the Zumba instructor Danielle A Peterson asking married men to friend request her on fb only meeting them once!

That is so unprofessional! She is the instructor at the brockton wow by the west gate mall!! If this is what you hire its a shame I think the workers need to keep their job and personal life separate!!



Is anyone else dis-satisfied with the Monday night zumba (6:30 pm) instructor in Fall River? He seems like a nice person and seems to really enjoy what he does.

But he's always off beat, seems to forget the steps and is extremely hard to follow.

I give him credit for doing what he does (seriously doubt I could get up there), but I'm thinking he should not have been certified at this time. Maybe it's nerves, all I know is I have NEVER left a zumba class not having broken a sweat before taking his class!

East Taunton, Massachusetts, United States #777204

the company need to get rid of the boy manager in th east taunton, mass. w o w gym he has fired 4 people in one mouth.

you don't need to boy to fill a man job. I been working out of this gym since it open and I never heard of anyone getting fired. he even fired the best cleaning lady of the girls room.

you better check it out.


I go to wow in New Bedford. MA have to say nice gym , but by far the nastiest gym I've ever seen.

Can't seem to find anybody working there in the morning. I go between 4 and 6 am and on occasion someone will pop in between 430 and 5 am. I've told management but it goes in one ear and out the other, my next step is going to the board of health. I have taken pictures and sent it to management but that was a waste of time.

I don't want to quit because I like the 24/7 option .

I hoping that corporate can do something if you need those pictures I can email them to you. My email is ronjarhead@comcast.net.

to Anonymous Dartmouth, Massachusetts, United States #772147

Your right that place is NASTY


I have been at WOW in Peabody and for the last 2 months we have had blown speakers and they have not yet fixed them. When you pack all your classes you shouldn't be with out music. This needs to get fixed ASAP and get better speakers and more speakers and also add more fans since their hearing/cooling system doesn't work right!!!

Warwick, Rhode Island, United States #750768

I was a member of 2 other health facilities in my hometown for 26 years and over that 26 years nothing of mine was ever stolen. Over the last 3 years at WOW-Warwick I have had sunglasses to dirty underwear stolen.

And over that 3 years period I have had things taken on 10 different occasion. Why is thief so prevalent at WOW Warwick and not the 2 other gyms I also was a member of.

What did the other Health Facilities do that WOW isn't doing?

Waltham, Massachusetts, United States #704886

Can't wait to tell you about how the Waltham location robbed us of 338.48 through a voided child's membership! Once the courts settle this I'll be back to give you details.

I already reported it to Fox 25 News! We were billed via credit card (we were paying thinking it was MY WOW bill). My child joined for literally 20 minutes when the personal trainer said void the membership ~ it was against insurance regulations to have him use machinery. They "voided" it ~ gave us no paperwork because it was voided ~ we didn't need it ~ no membership card ~ because it was voided, BUT as soon as we left they submitted it!

17 months we paid out ~ yearly dues and everything! My son didn't go in 1 time ~ he wasn't a member!

DO NOT JOIN WOW!!!! They refuse to owe up to their fraud and reimburse!

to ANGRY Boston, Massachusetts, United States #704889


-- To cancel your WOW membership please contact ABC Financial @1 888 827 9262. WOW/ABC is going to want it in writing that you are cancelling your WOW membership. ABC will accept the written notice as an email, please call and get their email address.

Please be sure to get your HEALTH INSURANCE REIMBURSEMENT. To get your health insurance reimbursement, submit to your health insurance, copies of invoices and also copy of agreement for individual reimbursements.

ABC Financial 1 888 827 9262

to Anonymous Boston, Massachusetts, United States #706194

they stole $338.48 from us, reopened a closed contract w/o consent, and said no refunds. total losers

Malden, Massachusetts, United States #669835

Wow in Medford Ma wow complete chaos theres a trainer/ class instructor who constantly smells lile alcohol when he trains me! he reschedules me all the time and constatly uses very bad language !!

specially in his classes very unprofesional !! he definietly gives hispanics a very bad name sad to say!

& i am not prejudice i am just saying something should be done before they get a sexual harrasment case over one unproffesional employee ! im looking to speak to a lawyer and so are other wonan who have encountered alot worse with the same trainer !

Worcester, Massachusetts, United States #650648

The Worcester WOW Sucks For 2 months I beenwaiting for the tanning booths to open I was told Wow has Not paid the elcetricians to get it turn on. Now they have not paid there cable so now we have no tv's How bad is ti going to get . An the HQ dose not answer pick up on phone calls


I am looking for the address to the Corporate Office for WOW, located in Mass. Any information is much appreciated.

Thank you,

to Chuck Taunton, Massachusetts, United States #621974

please email www.wowcares@wownewengland.com

Randolph, Massachusetts, United States #615852

I am currently an employee @ wow & i know firsthand the *** that goes on in the workplace but i just wanted to say that if u are a member & u are training with ProFit.. put ur money back in ur wallet b/c its all a scam.

There isn't a workout plan that these mofo's can help u with that u cant find somewhere online. Trust me. I hope this was helpful.

Have a nice day. :)

to Anonymous #685688

Hey i hope somebody can help i was conned into signing up for a trainer at wow i was very confused and didn't realize the outrageous fee they charged me 754.00 total i do not want a trainer and wish to get my money refunded on top of that i am a new member of the gym please help it hasn't been more than a day will i get my money back. Thanks

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