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Trust me please do not join WoW.

I was on hold. I wanted to cancel. WoW took me off hold and started charging me $29.00 per month because they said in order for me to cancel I have to go off hold.

Now Bill is $281.00. I have no job and they said I have to paid the $281.00 before I can cancel.

If a person has no job why rack up more money. They do that so you can owe them all you life.

You can not talk to a live person. If you have a issue you have to e mail them. A recording calls you back requesting you paid your bill also.

The only time you see a live person is when you work out. Billing and office is a ghost writer.

What do you think?

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Edison, NJ WOW:

SAVE yourself!! Close your bank accounts and credit card accounts ASAP that you gave to them to extract your money!

You can pay your cards and at least not be in trouble with your bank and keep your good standing--but while preventing yourself from being outright fraud. Credit cards investigations take time to investigate these issues so the most immediate solution is to close your account because they can get your new credit card number it the card is from the same bank. So, be patient you can open years down the road and not ruin your credit in the process.

They make you sign two contracts one filled in and one blank club membership contracts and are very underhanded. I thought I purchased 4 sessions of personal training a few days later not a year contract!

Toni Galanti said "I really need your credit card" --I said I was only here for an assessment not to BUY a personal training contract! But she said that she "NEEDED my credit card tonight"!! She said we will give you a free training session if you sign up today which we never received. She never mentioned it after we signed up--hindsight is 20/20 it should have been a RED flag that she was way too desperate to get my credit card.

I have followed notice policies in writing after all of this and it still does not matter. They are raping even parents with teenagers who want to attend to become fit--they swoop in on the vulnerable and weak like the blood sucking vultures of NJ.


Not only did I move out of the area. I paid them 2 years in advance and cancelled my membership.

I also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I can't believe they actually sent a bill in the mail for $37.45. Lets keep in mind I paid them in full 2 years ago, I cancelled my membership and I moved out of the area. I am calling my lawyer I refuse to pay this company.

I wish I never joined it is virtually impossible to cancel this membership. I wish I had the company president's phone number so I can actually speak with a real person.. Please anyone considereing joining Work Out World, please take heed and read all of these posts. Also, go to the Better Business Bureau website.

I filed a complaint nothing happened, so I just paid them in full in advance. I am calling my lawyer first thing Monday.


I filed with BBB. I ended contract on 2/28 and will not be free of WOW until 5/1. How on earth can it be legal to bind a person to a fullfilled contract?


I am having similar issues with WOW. I filed with Better Business Bureau..

Perhaps you should too. Dont know if it will work, but if enough complaints are made to BBB maybe they can put a stop to WOW.


You're absolutely right. There is no way to cancel a membership except on their website.

You don't actually send them an email because you have no record of it. Very convenient for them if they get taken to small claims court.

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