I am actually a fan of the gym, never had any problems and i was even upgraded to a VIP for just being a loyal customer. I have 1 complaint, cell service/wifi.

The Simon Mall offers free wifi to anyone inside the mall as long as you sign in. As soon as you walk through the doors the wifi cuts out and you no longer can access this. Once you walk down the stairs and enter the gym as an AT&T customer your service cuts out so much that you are unable to access online radio and if you are like me and dont illegally d/l music on your phone you are handcuffed to work out without music. To some this is a small complaint but to others like myself i get motivated listening to music to work out.

I have messaged WOW multiple times requesting the wifi and it is denied. I have also contacted the simon mall wifi tech team and they said that since WOW has a separate wifi connection that the mall connection can will not work. If i had known all of this even though i like the gym i would have not joined the gym.

I would even pay an additional fee to have access to the password. Its extremely frustrating

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