Little Compton, Rhode Island
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I've been waiting for money that was taken out of my credit card account for weeks and I was suppose to get email explaing but have'nt recieved nothing, This is second time,they try to wine an dine you then hook you like a tuna please watchout people. The gym is okay but the finacial, part is terrible, they've lied and done whatever they wanted to concerning my account and then they say it's all about my childs fittness when there over charging me for there mistakes ,it's terrible and I wish they should pay a fine when there wrong!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $40.

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They did the same to me I wish we can get people together and sue them I am fed up with this idiots ..I feel ure anger..


took money out of you bank account, with out consent, Contract says you must cancel in Writing on the contract with in 3 day's and cannot be cancelled at W.O.W, heres the catch, there's no Address given anywhere on the contract.

W.O.W Stands for Wow did I Get a Screwing


In order to stop WOW from taking money from my credit card. I had to cancel my credit card.

I moved out of the area and WOW still refused to let me out of the contract instead I estimated I would owe for the 3 years and wrote them a check so they wouldnt destroy my credit. By the way, do not ask them what you owe, they will never tell you, because they want you to pay once a month. I guess I will find out after the 3 years, if my estimate was correct.

I do not recommend WOW fitness, to anyone. The gym and classes are great but the accounting and management part of it is awful.

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