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Last year I went into a WoW with my 1 year old daughter with the intent of signing up. I was lured by the existence of a babysitting room.

I met with DJ, the "new member sign-up" guy. After sitting with him for 20 minutes and hearing his sales pitch, the whole time trying to keep my one year old contained and from climbing the walls, we got to the contract. I specifically asked DJ about the cancellation policy - as was incredibly obvious to him, I had a one-year old, and I wanted to make sure I could cancel my membership if things didn't work out with her in the babysitting room. He *assured* me that I could cancel at any time with 30 days notice. "No problem." Fine, I said, and signed.

Of course, my daughter hated the babysitting room. Every time I tried to go to the club, I'd get paged over the loudspeaker and go find my daughter wailing, and have to leave. After a few weeks of this, I decided this was not going to work out.

I called WoW Middletown to try to cancel, and they said go through the website. I went to the website, printed and filled out the form, mailed it certified mail as they required, and went on with my life.

I never heard a word from them. Then, I check my credit card statement, and lo and behold, I'm still being charged. I call WoW Middletown to find out what is going on, and I'm told I need to talk to Corporate. Fine, please give me a number. We don't give a number, go through the website.

So I do. I explain that DJ explicitly told me that I could cancel at any time, I never, ever would have knowingly agreed to anything different because of my situation with my kid.

They reply and say, sorry, the contract you signed states that you need to be a member for 12 months before you can cancel. I check and it does - I am admittedly at fault for not reading every line before I signed, but since I had very explicitly asked DJ to tell me the cancellation policy when I signed up, and he assured me that I could cancel at any time, I stupidly believed that WoW employees wouldn't outright lie to a customer to take advantage of them to close a sale. Apparently I was wrong.

I then call WoW Middletown directly to try to get some resolution. I ask for DJ, who I'm told doesn't work there anymore. I ask for a manager and explain my situation... she tells me going through Corporate is the only way to get memberships cancelled, and she very genuinely apologizes for DJ's lying... and then goes on to tell me that in fact he was FIRED because there had been MULTIPLE COMPLAINTS about him giving incorrect information to customers.

So, WoW acknowledges that one of their representatives, acting as the face of their company, lied to customers and was in fact let go because of it, but they are not making any effort to help out the customers he lied to. I've just been told repeatedly, sorry, you signed the contract. Too bad.

I don't think I've ever seen such selfish, inconsiderate customer service. No respect for the customer at all - once they get your credit card on file, they could care less about you. It's really disheartening to see a company act so irresponsibly. Stay away, and if you do decide to join, don't believe a word of what anybody tells you. They may lie through their teeth, and WoW won't give a *** once they get your money.

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When I signed up with work out world I paid $100+ in order to have a reoccurring payment of $32 per month. When I realized I was overpaying quite a bit (after one year) I asked to change my monthly rate to $10 per month as advertised on billboards and other outrageous LOCAL billboard marketing campaigns for this particular franchise location.

When I asked to begin paying the "Basic" package of $10 as explained on billboards, they explained I had to pay another $100 in order to have the reoccurring payment of $10 because it was a different package then I signed up with. I explained if I had this "basic" package option from the beginning, I would have purchased that versus this VIP package I am stuck with. They said there was no such "Basic" package one year ago, that it has begun very recently. I explained I do not use the "day care", hence no children, do not use the classes offered and do not go to any other locations.

I asked the work out world customer service office to make an exception and they communicated with the owner of the franchise. This owner declined, therefore, I am leaving.

ALSO 10% of the machines here are ALWAYS being fixed which means you cannot use them. I will be going to retro fitness since work out world has screwed up their customer base and will not help transition their old customer base to a fair rate their NEW customer base is entitled to.

Grumpy Face

This is exactly why I tend to be very rude to sales people when anything contractual is involved. I basically tell them not to waste their time with the sales pitch and let me read over the contract because I'm not going to believe a word that comes out of their mouth anyway. Yeah, I come across as a complete ***, but there is not much else I can do in a society where blatantly lying to people is practically acceptable.


I was also lied to in order for them to sign me up... I was going to walk out of there and the manager himself lied to me...

I have been overcharged the entire year and have not used the gym once. I can not get a contact number to complain. Not only that!... they offer for their members to meet with a personal trainer twice a month for free...

which is a bunch of lies also.. at least in Menlo Park, because they only meet with you to sign you up for personal training with them, which you have to pay for. I've belonged to a few gyms..

this was the worst experience I've ever had. They are literally taking money deceitfully from people...


Everyone should have Stephen Roma's e-mail address.


This comment either came from someone with no kids or someone that works for wow. Lol


Who would sign something they haven't read?! Doesn't sound responsible to me, sounds more lazy. How could you be so upset at this if at the time of joining you didn't take the time to make sure everything was how you wanted it to be on the contract you signed.

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