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I will echo what others have written. After about a year my wife and daughter tried to cancel their membership in the Red Bank gym by following the procedures WOW detailed.

Over a year and numerous phone calls and cancellation notices later, WOW continues to bill my credit card, even though no one has used their facilities and we've sent in certified letters cancelling our membership.

This company is scamming it's customers and should be fined. I've never dealt with a company like this, and can't understand why they are allowed to operate in this way.

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They have screwed me up!! So mad

Elizabeth, New Jersey, United States #713110

i have had the same issue i canceled the membership and they told me that it is canceled and a year later they are calling me ...WOW is a real scammer everyone watch out and dont sign up with them ...I dont know why they do this....

Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States #615335

I've been going to the Porter Square location for almost three weeks now, as a guest (of a non-platinum member)... almost daily. Nobody has said anything rude or sneered at me or my friend who's been bringing me. The staff have been helpful, the locker room and bathroom are both clean. The showers are not the best, but they're OK.

People should really charge things like this to the bank card, so that if the company is acting fishy and still charging you, you can take your letters and things to your bank. If your check card is Visa, they'll settle the problem for you if you've tried everything and the company won't cooperate. Instead of you fighting a large business for your money, a huge company does it. You win.

Don't forget to turn to your check card or credit card company. They can make problems like these go away pretty easily.


Work Out World bought out Bally's in Cambridge's Porter Square in Massachusetts and, not only did they hit me twice with their yearly membership fee, they charged hidden fees on my credit card (the GM Shelia said I was only charged $49.99 although my credit card statement says $60.99). The place is disgusting, the bathrooms are a health risk and should be shut down by the city.

To top it off, the GM was combative and tried to charge me retroactively for my Ballys membership (apparently, they changed the rules when WOW acquired Ballys and I was on the friends-and-family plan and my friend bailed out of the disgusting gym).

It's a full-fledged scam bordering fraud and should be investigated. They are calling the place "Blast" and the only blast I had was going to BSC.


I am currently in a conflict with WOW, at the moment. Has anybody found a resolution with them yet? I actually got the GM to agree to e-mail "the ticket" and call corporate for me on Monday, which is 2 days from now. If he does not comply, I am forced to go over his head. I have printed out testimonies from this site and others and wish to use them in an argument. I will update whether I like the outcome or not. Here is my story.

I am a current member...silly enough I paid for my services 6 months in advance...I took the VIP package...For those of you that don't know, it is supposed to in...unlimited babysitting, classes, free use of equipment, unlimited daily guests. My fiance and I go there 4 nights a weeks, since March...Through word of mouth I recently found out that, there are going to be some changes...the main one being, no guests...unless it is a B.S. They sneered at my fiance when they told him and so I brought it up with the GM...the GM did not want to talk to me and gave me the card with the website and said to write them...B.S. They have answered more than 300 e-mails already...I'm gonna be number 401 and nothing will get resolved. HE SAID AND I QUOTE

"The reason for the changes is that the WOW corporation feels as if both the facility and staff are being treated poorly by the guests. The changes are for good and he strongly approves. It is not about the is about respect. He then told me that I could e-mail the corp...they MIGHT lower my rate and we can add John as a basic member." Here is my thinking...CLAIM THAT GUESTS ARE TREATING THE GYM POORLY ALONG WITH THE STAFF...BUT YOU WANT HIM AS A PERMANENT MEMBER...that is total is about the money...sucking people in and them locking the door making bogus changes whenever they want...I know it is the is also morally corrupt and CHANGE for the better must happen.

E-mail me with questions...

I am trisha e-mail is

I would love to know...who you are?

What location is your gym?

How long were you a member, unless of course you tried to cancel.

What steps were taken to resolve the situation

by either you or WOW?


Leave a comment or e-mail me...something has to be done.


P.S I know what it is like to be he person behind the desk...because I run a service center and deal with 2000 people a month.

If ever I have a problem that is beyond my control...there is a procedure and hotline.

I don't like making the consumer feel like we are not a trustworthy company and don't care about the needs. Every, company whether a store, service, should have somebody readily available to speak with.


WOW has an ad on TV and the radio about $8 down and $10 per month good through July 31st. This is a lie!

I just went there on July 25 and they charged me $169 for the year. There are hidden cost that they failed to mention on TV and the radio. I don't want to give my money to liars.

See you WOw, I'm outta here! :(


*** For those who are posting Steve Roma's email: the girls/guys in Brick ("corporate office) which handles customer service and cancellations are the ones that read his email and tell him if it is important enough. I use to work there and THEY WILL NOT CANCEL IT if you still have time left on your contract.

Even if you cancel CC payment it will never work. They forward you to a collection agency and as soon as your 90 days late for payment they report it to the credit bureau. It is a ripoff and that is why I left. I was hopeless trying to help customers w/ their problems b/c you get no help from corporate in BRICK.

Yes, that is where their corporate office is even though it burnt down. When I was there Jen Hilling was the manager of corporate:

Goodluck! You will need it with them.


Everyone should have Stephen Roma's e-mail address.


I think that wow gym should be forced to shut down I also was swindled and taken advantage of I cancelled my contract with a personal trainer that I was talked into I had to pay a fee. I also wanted to cancel my membership but I am locked into a contract for another year and I canceled my credit card at the bank and someone from work out world called me to tell me that I can only sell my membership and that they would send the collection agency after me if I did not pay or give them my new account number this is so maddening.


These poor people I can't believe this stuff happened to them :upset when you go to the gym like work out world (wow)and you got sick were you have gone too the gym for year in a half all ready :( went now your done with the gym and you want out so you call WoW :cry and you want to cancel WoW is yell at you :sigh saying why in *** u talking, yelling, scamming at me :? Boy I be very very :( pissed off I don't think so as well WoW said No u have to still pay. After already being there for along time you have made all your payments an WoW is saying, yelling at ya at the sometime keep taken your money.

WoW should not be but WoW dose. :x I'll call a lawyer to end it, enough is a enough .... :eek ya WOW I DON'T THINK SO YOU(WORK OUT WORLD)!! PLEASE!




Hey a little help to all who have been CHEATED by Workout World. When you want to cancel and have a problem, just go to your bank if your are having it automatically debited from your checking account and they will put a block on your account so they can no longer come in and take the money. Depending on your bank it might cost from $20-$35 but is worth it to get rid of that *** business called Workout World.

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