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On April 16th 2012 I approached the trainer, Jayson (sp?), to sign up for training. I ended up signing a contract for six sessions a month at a cost of $210 per month. After 25 days still no trainer had been assigned until I had one session and then he disappeared for two weeks. So after 5 and 1/2 weeks I had one session and had paid for nine sessions. Then I got a trainer in the sixth week and had 9 sessions with her and then she quit – another two weeks without a trainer while I continued to pay for six sessions every month. At that point I cancelled my credit card rather than pay for any more sessions.

They now owe me for fourteen training sessions

When I joined I was told by Jayson that :

1. I could cancel anytime – this is not true I tried cancelling by certified mail to no avail

2. I would be sent nutritional counseling via email – this never happened

3. My training sessions would never expire – no true since although they owe me for fourteen sessions they will not let me use them until I send another $210 which I will not do.

4. Phone calls to their corporate headquarters explaining the above were met with stony refusals to do anything about my complaints.

I have been satisfied with WOW for the past 12 years but I am leaving for Planet Fitness. I cannot help but believe that your organization shares complicity in the blatant fraud which has been perpetrated by BF Central.

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