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I cancelled my year long membership with WOW four days after my billing cycle so I was charged an extra month. That was understandable.

The last payment was DOUBLE! When I called to ask why they said it is a fee charged to every member once per year. I told them I already cancelled & was just waiting for my last month. They said there was nothing they could do.

It's not a lot of money, its just crazy that they would do that my last month! I will tell everyone who has ears NEVER to join work out world.

Review about: Work Out World Membership.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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They make it so easy to join... but impossible to cancel...They don't care if u never work out. Just if they get payed


Well everyone I have tried to cancel with wow for 14 months!!!!!!! A month after I joined I had a big surgery and could not go to gym I called to cancel sent letters and doctor notes and every month they kept taking my money and every month I called well figured after the year date it would stop contract up I was Wrong they automatically renew it and took 50$ out so I called again to only get more aggravated and they said they don't credit accounts and I was canceled wrong again every month they still take money time for small claims court!!!!!

When they are owed money theyadd all kinds of fees well they owe me now and of course no response!

!!!!!!! I will keep fighting


i had to cancel my mbrship due to a medical condition. i faxed and called wow to cancel my mbrship and they said they got my doctors note that i faxed and said nothing else, i assumed everything was taken care of.

a year later i am getting calls from a collection agency for $300+. i called WoW and they told me my mbrship was cancelled in Nov and they had my note on file and that i should email corprate on this and that i shouldnt have to pay the balance. i did so and they told me that i still had to pay the $300 bc my doctor did not state on the note that i was "PERMANTLY DISABLED". mean while, WoW has not sent a bill, not a letter or even a call telling me that i owed anything.

Now they put me in collections and are giving me a hard time. They said i have to pay $300+ to CANCEL my mbrship, however, when i called they told me it was already canceled!!!! im so confused!! are these ppl ***??

why would i pay to cancel if im already canceled!??? CRIMINALS!!!

and take no consideration of Health issues!!! F U WoW, im not paying ***!!!


I have read too many complaints about work out world people really are having nothing but trouble i think that the better business bureau should look into this company and make changes or wow should be forced to close down does anyone out there agree?


I tried to cancel my membership and was told I needed to send the cancellation form by certified mail( which takes longer to reach the destination) If I could have gone to the center it would have gotten there sooner but I sent the form they received it on June 3rd. I was charged for June, July and some bull *** membership fee. Never,Never sign a contract with WOW!!


Do not join WOW. If it sounds too good to be true believe me it is. If you give these people access to your account you will be sorry.

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