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Everyone please file a complaint if you have not already with the Monmouth County Department of Consumer Affairs. You can do it on line...

but we must all file our complaints to get the attention of the Attorney General. We all need to ban together to fight their unfair business practices and bully tactics. If we all fight then maybe we can get them to operate fairly!

I have the time and money I will fight them as long as it takes for everyone who can not. Call the attorney general, call the monmouth county department of consumer affairs, call the news paper..we need to take action...don't let them get away with this!

Review about: Work Out World Membership.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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workout world does not know how to treat thier customers right. i was told 'no one wins when fighting with workout world because their contracts are air tight.

I will be contacting monmouth county dept of consumer affairs..good idea. Tinton falls is where i had my problem too.


I should make it clear what I said before. There was no problem cancelling my membership with Bally's.


My experience with Bally's was favorable. I moved near the Tinton Falls WOW and had to leave Bally's.

There was no problem at all. I was there for less than a year.

The price was reasonable. They even had a pool.


Good idea, Rosan, to file a complaint with the Monmouth County Department of Consumber Affairs. It sounds convenient because you say we can file a complaint online.

Rutledge, Tennessee, United States #132733

Do not Join this GYM.

I had joined this gym 2 years ago and did not opt for the contract. They said i had to pay a little more against the membership fee and i was fine with it. I had put my account on freeze for over 1 year and informed them to keeop the account frozen untill informed. I was payin 10 bucks a month during the frozen period.

All of a sudden they started charging me 46.81 which was the regular fee and when i contacted them they say it was by mistake.

I said I want to cancel my membership and they say that they cannot return my money which has been over charged.

Also, when you join, they will talk to you so sweetly and literally pull you into it, but if you have to cancel, you have to do it by post and this may take anywhere from one month ot more.

Please do not join this gym and find some other place which is much cheaper.


Yes, this gym professes to be "family " run-but when I needed to freeze my membership because my membership wasn't being used as I was with my dying father, they made it frustrating, difficult, and exhausting. Add that on a day with ferry trips to sloan kettering, chemo sickness and weakness,a 16 hour days trying to make life a little more tolerable for loved one losing a battle with cancer--Had an awful experience then--and 2 yrs later, was almost willing to try again, because I do like the Tinton Falls classes-but to the same, non flexible membership rules-fees, commitments, and plain stress-opposite of what most of us need from a gym!


i had the same issues, i even wanted to cancel my credit card, but they would not only continue to claim fees, but then they would start to tack on those late payment things too. i had to call them, this time is was in arkansas and give them 30 days notice.

so i really stopped going but then had to pay an extra two months. whateves, im out they suck, nuff said.

what were you expecting for 20 bucks a month? service? a smile?

now i belong to the ymca, cheaper? no, but not run by sharks and aholes


I moved out of the area and I gave them my new address and they told me I still had to pay the monthly membership fee. So in order to get out of the contract I have written letters but to no avail..

I had to cancel my credit card in order for them to stop chargin me each month. Instead I wrote them a check for the next 3 years, I estimated what I would owe, because they would not tell me. So I guess after 3 years I will find out whether I owe more money.

I did not want my credit score to go down because of this, that is why I just paid the 3 years in advance. Please do not join this gym

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