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Not unlike other posters, I signed up for a 3 year membership. I was told that by joining at the opening of the gym, I would get the best rates, to wait I would be paying higher rates.

1. People who joined after me are paying 1/2 the rate I am.

2. When I brought it to their attention, they refused to adjust the rate.

3. They continued to bill me beyond the 3 year period, and when I enquired, I will be billed 90 more days beyond the date of my written cancellation by registered mail.

The receptionist I spoke with said "Lots of people have the same complaint."

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the bottom line is that everyone should stay away from joining WOW since cancellation is such a Mission Impossible. It should be a Easy come/ Easy go membership.

Obviously they will eventually go out of business by practicing this way. I have told everyone who I know about their business practice.

I will continue talking about this on the internet whenever I got a chance. I assume whoever here will do the same


Donny is right about reading the contract. But, he doesn't understand that WoW doesn't abide by their contract rules.

I have followed all their rules about canceling and they have been unresponsive towards me. I'll never be a member with them again.


They give you 3 days to cancel without being penalized!! Not 90 days!


Sir, you can't blame other people for your decisions. You were sold.

And obviously no one forced you to sign a contract or even step foot in the gym. You choose to do all those things, so do not put the blame on other people, and if you read your contract(which i don't know why anyone would sign something who didn't) you would be well aware of the 90 day cancellation policy.

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