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Work out world is wonderful: I reiterate. Why?

Because, on a labor day, they provide you with a facility to work-out. Is that not a good enough reason? try working out yourself. Because you cannot, like me, we need WOW in every nook and corner of our neighborhood.

How much you ask? Not much. Let's see. A Subway sandwich 5.99?

A gallon of milk, yogurt, eggs, bananas,etc: whatever they say. Right?

At Wow; for an hour work-out: 20USD/day. or 11.99+39.99Signing fee+annual fee of 40:99.

Better than going to a doctor you ask?

Yes. Indeed


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Work Out World makes it impossible for customers to cancel membership. The person who wrote the "Work out World is Wonderful-$20/day only" review obviously works for Work Out World or is new to the gym.

The billing and customer service is the worst that I have EVER experienced. If you don't believe me, then take a second right now to call their headquarters or billing departments... It's not going to happen because THE COMPANY DOES NOT LIST HEADQUARTERS OR BILLING PHONE NUMBERS ON THEIR WEBSITE, which is the first warning sign... On the website, the company only lists "Join Now" phone numbers for new membership and phone numbers for the local gym locations (no centralized operator, billing or headquarters phone numbers).

Note: Gym branches can't answer technical questions like canceling memberships. Instead local gym branches direct customers to the "Contact Us" section of the website for “consideration” by "headquarters" and the very LONG process of trying to cancel the membership begins.

If customers want to avoid wasting time with a SCAM, then avoid joining Work Out World - definitely a bait and switch... The company makes it easy for members to join the gym and impossible for members to cancel their membership.

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