I cancelled my membership with wow over 2 and 1/2 years ago. I did everything I was told to do to cancel my policy according to the manager there.

Today, almost 3 years later, I received a call from an attorney that I owed them over $300.00. I never received any notification from wow that I owed money. Not a letter or a phone call. Now I know why they go by WOW.

That is what you say when the attorney contacts you!!! The attorney and the manager at wow both said they could not provide me with a copy of the contract!!! What a scam!

That's alright I have contacted all the networks in the metropolitan NY area.

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I keep getting emails from WOW and the sender always has a different name. I keep blocking them but they change names so much they keep getting through. They also claimed they have been calling me but cannot get through so I should check my caller ID.But due to some privacy code thier number may not show and to just click the email site link.I wonder if they really even work for a WOW place?


they got me thru myspace!ill bust thier pimp daddy faces next time!p o


My teenage son had a similar incident last year on FB.He recieved a message that someone tried calling him and something about caller ID so he checked our phone and did not see a number. That was the catch!

(He unknowingly to me) responded to this person and said I did not see a call from you and who are you?

They immediatley sent a link to a WOW over free memberships! Needless to say they were blocked from ever contacting him again.


I had some bud name message my facebook acting like we were buddies and I did a search and thier FB name showed a WOW website. They said they tried calling and dont forget to delete your caller?WTH?

I wonder if they was trying to get me to reply by saying OH no! I didn't get your call..to try to sucker me into a so called free trial membership!I also got some link in my mail that I will NOT click on!

Kholargos, Attica, Greece #224234

Some advice.. Even if your caller i.d.

says from an attorney, and phone# in Phone book/internet says the same, the ** attorney** is an office that buys bad debt loans/contracts for a penney on the dollar, or less, in hopes that the **attorney*8 label will scare someone to pay. WOW has turned/sold your contract to a 3rd party, so WOW is no longer in the mix.

Just hang up on them, or do not answer/ or tell them to stick it.

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