So I have been a member of this gym for 7 years and due to my husband losing his job, I cannot afford the membership any longer. I called to cancel the membership and after jumping through all the hoops and sending a certified letter, etc.

They have the balls to tell me I have a 90 day cancellation policy and have to pay an additional $75 to cancel!!! AFTER cancelling! What the *** is this?! I can see why they all have people dropping like flies!~ DO NOT JOIN THIS GYM...

the fees are ridiculous. They will get you one way or another!

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Groton, Connecticut, United States #609352

Went to cancel membership for a friend who is now an invalid. Told his membership had lapsed.

Asked why the membership fee was still being deducted from his bank account. I was assured it was a mistake, they would correct it. Went back as money still being deducted. The employee sent an

e-mail to the central office restating the need to cancel the deduction.


month there was the standard deduction plus a tripled amount taken out of his account. Going back today to try to get this done.


I have been trying to cancel my membership since last year. Visited Gym, Sent email, sent letter.

given proof that am leaving county for some period. Nothing worked. after having my account frozen for 6 months now.. they renewed my memebership..

and the cycle continues. What a blind rip off!!! Advice.. Stay away..

if already a member.. plan well to quit.

Drumheller, Alberta, Canada #443538

Same thing happened to me last night when i called to cancel. This is ridculous!! Very angry.


I was asked to pay a 10% cancellation fee when I moved out of NJ to CA, which is well outside of their 25 miles distance to the nearest location.

When I had signed up, I asked about moving and if I would pay any fees, I was told no. Now they are telling me about a 10% cancellation fee.

Even if this is in the contract, this is clearly misrepresentation, which is a violation of NJ state statutes.

Them asking for this fee from me is NOT legal. I will be fighting this.


going through this now with the Club Improvement Fee they charged me in January after I canceled the membership. Ready to fight it. Calling my bank in the AM to block them.


Same problem here. They just charge my credit card even though I put a block on their charges.

WOW just changed their name or ID and the charge went through. I've been fighting this for 7 months now.

I'm ready to give up. It's not worth me getting stressed and crying!


I went to cancel my membership on January 19, 2012 and they have told me the same thing. I have been there for 8 years.

I told them that I lost my job and that I have no intention of paying their 90 day cancellation period. I will be contacting the better business burough to report them and will never suggest this gym to anybody as long as I live.

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