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World Of Work Out/ ABC Finical, There personal Trainer Program, They Force you into a Contract, and give you 3 days to cancel in Writing, The catch is you can not cancel it at the place where you signed the contract but have to do it in writing at the address listed in/on the contract, but there is no adress listed on the contract so your stuck.

I have tried in person with Wow and was told my reason for canceling was not good enough, I have tried to talk to Abc Finicaial, but again you have to cancel in writing.

The only way to stop them is to block the with drawel from your account at the bank,then change banks, submitt a complaint to the Attorney general,and contact an a Attorney other wise they continue with late charges Threaten with judgements and Attorney fee's if you need help Straightening your credit I can tell you how to do it but stillcosts and will take a while as it is a repetive process

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Years ago I joined WOW as a gift for my husband. He used it for awhile.

But then decided it wasn't for him. It took almost 2 years for them to stop billing us AFTER he cancelled.


to straighten up your credit is to open an account to all 3 credit agencey's and submitt a dispute every 90 day's eventually the bad credit remark will be removed, one thing you can count on is people to be lazy and not to respond to the dispute from the credit agencey


No one put a gun to your head to sign a contract so I don't know what you don't get: YOU HAVE TO READ EVERYTHING YOU SIGN! C'mon people are not honest and you wouldn't just sign a lease, car lease or mortgage paper without signing right?

You have to read and understand EVERYTHING.

Also, there is no way for you to just sign something and then they charge you b/c they have to have you initial and sign the bottom of the PT contracts. Also, if you are paying in installment they need to take various hardcopies of your CC for each payment being taken out w/ your signature so you deserve to be taken to court.


I went for free 5 trial. Only went 3 days in a row.

The first day trainer said I had to sign a form just incase I got hut. Over 2 years later I get a call saying I owed them for a 3 year contract. Now 10 years later I'm being sued for over 800$.

I have belonged to the same gym for over 10 years past year I have JoinEd retro fitness. My credit is ruined and now I'm being taken to civilcourt

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