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If I could give this negative 5 stars I would. Let's first talk about how I moved to a different city because I lost my job (this city was no where near any work out world) and begged them to release my contract especially because I would have to drive over an hour to the gym from where i was now living.

I explained that I took a pay cut due to my new job and finally got someone to agree to at least lower my membership to the basic 19.99 rate- (which is still effing ridiculous because I never went back to work out world after I moved. Who the *** is going to drive over an hour to the gym? not me. if they cared about me at all, they should have released my contract after I provided proof that I now work & live over an hour from any location) Then, a couple months went by and I continued to email because the rate still wasn't reflected on my credit card.

I finally get a response from someone who tells me they sent me a form to fill out to lower my membership rate and because i didn't fill out the form then there is nothing they can do. Well I never received an attachment/form/anything at all, ever. I even told them I would forward the email from the other person I was working with so they could see there was no attachment or form. But of course, no response.

So then, its almost a year and my contract is almost up. I go online to cancel my membership which I signed up for on May 3rd. They tell me that my membership is cancelled effective May 31st and I have to pay a 13th month. HOW THE *** do I have to pay a 13th month when I have a 1 year contract.

Last time I checked there were 12 months in a year. I then email them back asking how this is logical and how they can get away with screwing people so hard. I have never been so frustrated/pissed/disappointed in a company in my life. Honestly, work out world is the worst company & customer service I have ever dealt with.

I have never been so mistreated by a company before. Normally companies care about their consumers but work out world just finds ways to screw their members as hard as they possibly can, with no remorse. The "family-run" business should be ashamed of themselves at the way they treat members/customers and how they are running this business. It is an absolute disgrace to intentionally screw people.

If they continue at this rate, they'll be out of business in 10 years because every person that gets screwed is going to tell a friend, who will tell another friend. I wish I had listened to other people and read reviews before signing up!! They could care less about your livelihood or financial issues- only that they get your money in their pocket, no matter how hard they *** you in the process.

And also as an FYI, I never write reviews about companies because I just never care enough. This is the first time I have had major issues like this and felt other people should be aware of this terrible business before picking a gym.

Review about: Work Out World Membership.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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