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This place is such a scam! They will say anything to get u to join. I wanted to join pay the $20 monthy and bring my 13 yr old daughter. I asked them if that age was ok they said yes that was fine. Well 4 months into us going one night there was an ambulance there someone mustve gotten hurt so now all of a suden shes not allowed there. So i call them tell them my problem and they decide she can come back. But only if i pay an extra $15 monthy... Read more

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I was told when I signed up that I can cancel 15 days from the first of the month, but now they are saying I can only cancel after my initial term, which is a year. What can I do, file a consumer compliant? Any suggestions? This place is horrible. I went in to the Freehold gym two times and both times they told me that the kiosk was on the fritz. It seems like they make it as difficult as possible to cancel. I know there are a bunch of sites... Read more

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Warwick RI, they let the members wear whatever they want. They also step on machines to do there with outs Add comment

Guys are wearing work boots to the gym. People e standing on machines to do there workouts and nothing is being said. Yes they have a big sign saying that this stuff can not be done at wow. Add comment

I signed up to WOW with their promised that the cancellations or membership can be no hassle. Just a phone call and no questions ask , I can cancel it anytime. We went to the gym and tried to cancel my membership, they told us to sent an email to WOW membership cancellation office, which I did. Then I got a reply that I need to send a register mail to request for cancellation. I got the return confirmation that they received it and after 2... Read more

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I signed a contract December 2014 for personal training at work out world in Red Bank I was paying $198.00 a month for a 1/2 hour session a week. In May of 2015 I fractured my foot so the froze my personal training , in august of 2015 I had foot surgery. I am 62 and now have problems with both shoulders faxed them doctors note so they said they would freeze it till May 2016. I went yesterday for spin class and they stopped me at front door say I... Read more

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Got suckered into personal training. Okay, so I'll give it a whirl. The kid ruined my knee by the 3rd session. I told him it hurt really badly, but he insisted it is supposed to hurt!!???!?!!?!?! I kept telling him it hurt in a way it shouldn't. He wouldn't listen. He knew better. I haven't been able to kneel without pain, and stairs are now difficult. I'm only 51, and have been like this for over a year now. :-/. Trying to avoid surgery. The... Read more

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Members don't clean machines and the does nothing about it. Not only is it gross but it's also a health issue. Add comment

After turning in my monthly membership in December (I was moving), I was still charged for 3 more months, was onerdrawn at bank. I called wow (In Red Bank), they said they would talk with corporate, that was 2 weeks ago, 5 phone calls, talked with 3/4 different people ,still getting nowhere. If you are thinking of joining a gym, please reserch them. Red Bank wow is a joke, you can not count on anyone there to help you. Read more

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I signed up with WOW - the gym is okay, it is just a solid gym with no extras, but okay. The organization they are involved with for personal training is terrible. They don't explain contracts. They stick you with a trainer that has little to no experience. They don't call you back so you can discuss the situation at hand. All they care about is taking your money, signing a contract you can't get out of and then try to ruin your credit.. STAY... Read more

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